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Why Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Costs So Much

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CBD (cannabidiol) is a new and rapid growing industry. It can be a miracle cure, snake oil placebo or something lost in the middle. How can some CBD companies charge a certain amount when another company offering the same sells for much less.

According to research conducted by the Brightfield Group in 2019, the CBD market was worth more than $4 billion, and the researchers anticipate that the business will be worth more than $25 billion by the year 2025. View more CBD statistics here.

In the age of anxiety, depression, stress and other mental health conditions, CBD companies promise users suffering from these disorders a way to cope. But to what cost?

Full-spectrum CBD products are a premium product with all the cannabinoids still in tact the product.

Despite the widespread belief in its advantages, CBD producers are not permitted to make any medical claims about its effects. CBD oil of low quality and strength is sold for a premium price due to loose regulations.

Find out more on CBD from the video below.

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